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KDM Consulting provides fiscal and economic analysis services, including:

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Revenue Forecasting and Enhancement
:  In these uncertain fiscal times, developing reliable revenue forecasts and incorporating them into the budget process is critical to setting government spending priorities.  We can evaluate existing revenue estimating methodologies and develop new techniques for improved forecasting.   We can also help you identify revenue enhancement options and their net impact on your community. (top)

Community or Industry Specific Legislative Impact Analysis
:  Many bills are introduced in Springfield, but few have a fiscal impact analysis attached.  We can help you determine the impact of proposed legislation on your community or industry.  We can work with you in developing fiscal policy legislation. (top)

Interstate Fiscal Policy Comparisons
:  Does another state/local community have a better idea?  We can use a nationwide network of colleagues in other states to research how tax and fiscal issues are handled there and to provide you with interstate comparisons.  We can also help you in drafting new legislation. (top)

Government Budget Analysis
:  If you are looking for objective analysis of your cost structure we can help by developing performance measures for all or part of your operations and compare them with other similarly situated communities. (top)

Community Level Economic Analysis
: We can help you develop a customized report analyzing and interpreting economic and demographic data for your community that can help you plan more effectively.  This report can also be designed to include comparative analysis of similarly situated communities. (top)

Economic Impact Analysis
: For policy makers actively soliciting or simply reacting to private sector proposals, the goal should be to determine the overall net impact of such proposals on the local and regional economy.  The important term here is “net impact,” a determination of where the local economy will stand after the project is complete. Our experience, along with a review of many publicly available economic impact studies, suggests that most studies do not address the net effect the proposed development will have on the community, (top)