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  Biography of Natalie Davila, Ph.D.

Natalie worked as Research Director at the Illinois Department of Revenue for 10 years and has an extensive background in the formulation and execution of data-driven tax and economic development policies.

Prior to that, she was an economic consultant specializing in economic impact analysis, industry research, and policy evaluation and worked as the Director of Economic Evaluation and Market Research for the Chicago Manufacturing Center as well as the Director of Economic Research for the City of Chicago, Department of Planning and Development. During that time, she was in charge of managing a research office specializing in economic development and urban policy issues.

She has taught classes at Roosevelt University in Microeconomics, Statistics, Urban Economic Development, Public Sector Economics, and Econometrics, and currently teaches Urban and Environmental Economics at DePaul University.

She has extensive experience in developing methodologies, gathering relevant data, analyzing and making recommendations on state tax issues.   Natalie also has significant experience in the design, administration, and analysis of survey, case study, and focus group research.

Natalie earned her bachelor’s degree from Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, her master’s degree in Applied Economics from the University of Michigan, and her Ph.D. in Public Policy Analysis from the University of Illinois in Chicago, Illinois.