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  Michael D. Klemens, President of KDM Inc.

Mike worked in the Director’s Office at the Illinois Department of Revenue for 20 years in an assortment of tax policy related roles, retiring as Manager of Policy and Communications in 2012.
In 2012 Mike established KDM Consulting which conducts tax policy consulting and economic analysis.  He works extensively with the Illinois Taxpayers’ Federation.  His areas of tax expertise include property tax, property and sales tax exemptions, and taxes that the state administers for local governments, together with a broad general knowledge of the 75+ taxes and programs administered by the department.

Mike also has 20 plus years in journalism, including a stint as Statehouse Bureau Chief for Illinois Issues magazine from 1986 to 1992.  He was the public information officer for the Department of Revenue from 1992 through until the function was consolidated in the governor’s office in 2004.

Mike holds a Bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College and a Master’s degree from Sangamon State University.

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