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Updated September 3, 2016

Fiscal Analysis and Economic Research

KDM Consulting provides professional, unbiased and independent fiscal policy and economic research services.

Company History:

KDM Consulting was established to address a gap in the market for independent data-driven analysis in the world of state and local fiscal and economic policy analysis in Illinois.

Why Choose KDM Consulting?
  • Extensive knowledge of state and local government operations and practices
  • A passion for sorting through complicated concepts and numbers to determine what story they tell
  • Develop practical solutions to increasingly serious fiscal problems
  • Quality service delivery at affordable prices

What's New

KDM Consulting's most recent project:  Who is Leaving Illinois and Why?

A Review of Data on Migration Patterns in Illinois was undertaken in light of numerous reports that suggest high taxes have prompted an exodus of residents from Illinois.

Update, September 1, 2016

This analysis has been updated using new
IRS data that illustrates that out-migration from Illinois has slowed, while in-migration to Illinois has slowed even further.  Click here to read the “Update.

Key Findings:

  • Illinois has experienced net out-migration every year but one since 1925.
  • Illinois’ net out-migration is overstated if international migration is ignored.  Including international migration reduces net migration out of Illinois by one-third.  
  • Both in-migration and out-migration are tied to the economic cycle.
  • Many migrants don’t move far.  Illinois’ largest out-migration is to Indiana.  Indiana’s and Wisconsin’s largest out-migration is to Illinois.
  • Illinois is a big state with a large population so out-migration in absolute numbers is large.  However, a larger percentage of both Indiana’s and Wisconsin’s population moves to Illinois than vice versa.
  • Net out-migration from Illinois to Indiana and Wisconsin has declined.
  • In 2011 the rate of net out-migration fell.
  • In 2014 the rate of net out-migration jumped significantly.
We thank the migration expert Lyman Stone for his guidance and expertise on this very complex topic and Carol Portman and the Illinois Fiscal Policy Council along with Ralph Martire and the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability for providing support for this project.  

We will continue to look at the issue and invite colleagues who share an interest in data-driven analysis to join us in this effort.

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